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Karin Rosenquist-Schager has lived an endless summer for almost 17 years in amazing places such as Los Angeles, Honolulu, Monterey and now San Diego. However, she has somehow always had one foot in Sweden and love, STHLM™ serves as an outlet for her creativity and homesickness. 

Karin looks like your ordinary blonde blue-eyed Swede. Originally from Ekerö, Stockholm, she started her career as a graphic artist for Dagens Industri in 1997. Despite, or maybe because of, the intense stress, fast pace and huge liability that comes with working at a daily newspaper, she quickly realized that graphic design and print is what she wants to do in life. 

In the summer of 2000, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and has been working as a designer and illustrator ever since, both as a freelancer with a wide variety of clients, and as an in-house designer for internationally known brands. 

She is married to Ross, a Chicago native, and together they have 2 year old twins Ellen and Eddie, and two dogs, Sally and Whiskey. Since two dogs and twin babies was not enough of a challenge, her husband started a freight brokerage ( a month after they were born, and Karin started her own business as a freelancing designer, illustrator and calligrapher at KarinCreative ( Time never stands still in this household! 

Despite having lived in and experienced amazing places, Karin’s heart and soul still belongs in Sweden. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t struggle with homesickness and she hopes to one day in the future be able to live part time in Sweden with her family. Until then, love, STHLM™ is her way of coping with that longing feeling as well as being able to create and share designs that she believes like-minded Swedes will enjoy.

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