A house, a home.

A house, a home.


Let’s see. We have been stuck in our house for 10 weeks, the kids’ preschool has been closed since March 13th, all dog parks, beaches and playgrounds are closed, it’s pouring down rain and…

and what could we possibly do to make things worse?

Oh, I got it! Let’s sell our house and move to Sweden! That should be a challenge for the record! 

I have lived in the US for exactly 20 years and have been wanting to move home for at least 18 or 19 of those years. I can't remember a time when I did not want to move home. (And if you have read the previous posts, you know it’s a mystery that I am still here).

So in the midst of this crappy pandemic situation, my husband looked at me and said “if there’s ever a time to sell our house and get this going, it’s now” and so, here we are. He has listened to me comparing countries for years on end, and somewhere there, in all of my day dreaming, he's understood me. I am 100% convinced our kids will have a better childhood in Sweden and that all of us will have a higher quality of life. And not to forget; family and friends that I have dreamt about being close to again for so long.

So here we are. Again.
Another year, another move.
Another house, another home.

This will be my 12th move in 14 years and if there’s anything I know, it’s packing and unpacking. But I am tired. And having dogs and kids in the house 24/7 for months on end doesn't make me less tired. If only the kids could go to their grandparents for a few hours, so I can clean the house yet again for another showing. But they can't. So I am juggling the kids, the dogs and keeping the house and the yard proper for any and all potential buyers. 

Our last move from San Diego to Chicago was not even two years ago, and that almost did it for us. It was extremely taxing and difficult to get the house ready to sell with 2-year old twins and two dogs in the house. And then to find a new home; we actually bought our home in Chicago after only having seen it on FaceTime. But we had great Realtors who knew exactly what we were looking for and they nailed it. It’s been a great home for us these 18 months and I am happy we stopped by Chicago for a little bit. 

Chicago is a beautiful city with so much history and culture. I truly wish I would have had more time to explore the city. Of all the places I have lived in the US, this is the place that has felt the most at home. The people, the culture, the seasons, it has all made me feel at home.
In certain moments, I feel like it is almost a shame to leave.

But then I remember... 

... that everything I love about Chicago is that it reminds me so much of home. It's the same blue sky, the same clouds, the same rain, the same cold. When you have spent so much time in southern California, Chicago and the midwest is as close to home as you can get. It's the same flowers, the same trees. The same gray winter days. And the people here have been so welcoming that I have already made many great friends, Swedish and American. And I am very grateful for that.  

We have lots of work ahead of us and only time will tell if this is a really really bad idea, or an excellent one - just like the last move. Come to think of it, I think all of my moves in the past have been great decisions. Some better than others (a rash decision to move to Hawaii comes to mind...) but I believe change is good. Always. 

And to be honest; this is everything but at rash decision. This is something that I have planned and plotted in my mind for years

I am finally there. Or, at least on my way. 


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