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Our Story

We are two Swedish creative professionals who went to the same high school in Sweden, without knowing one another, and who after 23 years randomly met at a playground in San Diego. Karin, being a Graphic Designer and Doreen, a Creative Director, we started working together with a few different clients. One day, sharing thoughts about dreams and life goals, we realized that we had a mutual passion for our hometown, Stockholm, and Swedish design. That is how love, STHLM™ was born. Meet Karin & Doreen:

Karin Rosenquist-Schager, Co-Founder & Art Director, has lived in the US for almost 20 years, in amazing places such as Los Angeles, Honolulu, Monterey and now San Diego. Regardless of the endless summers, she has always somehow had one foot back in Sweden and love, STHLM™ serves as an outlet for that homesickness. Originally from Ekerö, Stockholm, she started her career as a graphic artist for Dagens Industri in 1997. Despite, or maybe because of, the intense stress, fast pace and huge responsibility that comes with working at a daily newspaper, she quickly fell in love with graphic design and realized what she wants to do in life. In the summer of 2000, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and has been working as a designer and illustrator ever since, both as an in-house designer for internationally known brands and as a freelancer with a wide variety of clients. 
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Doreen GenmarkDoreen Genmark, Co-Founder & Creative Director
 is not your ordinary blonde blue-eyed Swede. The former Public Relations Manager Sports for government-owned Svenska Spel and now freelancing Creative Director at Destiny Creative is fulfilling a lifelong dream of living and working in the United States. In 2013 she and her family relocated from Sigtuna, Stockholm to San Diego. If you ever get a chance to travel to Sweden it is a must place to visit. Read more about Sigtuna here. For over a decade now Doreen Genmark has been turning new and creative ideas to reality, for renowned brands such as; Folkhem, Ted Baker, Modern Amusement and most recently Montesquieu Winery and NAACP nominated singer Lady Ele. With no plans on ever leaving California - Doreen can't help but every so often miss her hometown Stockholm. love, STHLM™ is her creative outlet for that longing.
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